Saturday, March 3, 2012

Taking injured shoulder to Thailand on monday

My mission to heal myself from my injuries is going pretty well, I think. I have kept my promise so far and have really concentrated on rolling as easy and slow as possible. Besides jumping on the mat today for a little extra no-gi training, I have stuck with my plan of only rolling three times a week. Rehab training is going really well, and I have done it as scheduled for the last two weeks.

My shoulder is definitely feeling better, and it was happy to hear, that I am taking it to Thailand on monday for a two week long rest and recover trip.

I don't even remember, when I had a break away from training last. It must have been years ago, so it is probably a good thing to take two weeks completely off, and let my body heal up.

I don't expect to visit any gyms in Thailand, so the blog will probably be a little quiet while I am gone.