Thursday, January 19, 2012

Competing at the Europeans next week, shoulder not feeling good.

It's been almost five months since I got some shoulder problems from surfing and weight lifting. It still comes and goes and bothers me a lot. Since it happened, I have been forced to cut down on my weekly training schedule in periods and since I was in Moldova, it has gotten a lot worse.

A full weekend of hard sparring with big guys, many of them beginners who were trying to rip my limbs off with all their power, was definitely not good for me. Add to that, that finding icepacks in Moldova is basically impossible. No one seems to use them, and they don't sell them in pharmacies. Result is, that the inflammation has gotten much worse, and I haven't been able to spar since I got back home. Probably the worst pain in 3-4 months at this moment.

Wednesday, I am flying to Portugal to compete at the Europeans. I know I won't feel anything during the match, but it still is annoying that it has affected my preparations so much. I have done zero upper body weight lifting since august and only been able to do half the amount of weekly sparring than usual.

But whatever, injuries are a part of the game, and the preparations are what they are. I have come to the conclusion, that I will never be 100% ready and fit, so just have to accept it. Worst thing I can do, would be to not step on the mat and compete. There are no excuses, and I need the experience in my BJJ backpack. It can always go good or bad, no matter how prepared I am.

More thoughts about the competition next week before I leave :)


Anonymous said...

Get your ass to the physio! i know you wanna compete but listen to your body before its too late. my teacher neglected his back for years and now he probably needs back surgery. best of luck at the commps!

Ole said...

Hey Christian,
i found the shoulder rehab excercises in the youtube videos from the diesel crew very helpful.
I suggest yuo check them out.
Well Good luck at the europeans.
Cheers Ole

Christian Graugart said...

Already been to the physio, and working hard on rehab every day. Still takes a long time, when I don't take breaks from training :(

Anonymous said...

No ice packs!
Try these.
You just keep them in a fridge.