Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wrestling sweeps from guard

At the training camp in Estonia last summer, Martin Aedma talked about using wrestling to sweep from the guard. More specifically, using Jiu Jitsu to set up wrestling takedowns, in order to take the opponent down and thereby "sweep" him. I have been playing around with this since then, and inspired by Martin's post about the subject on his new blog, I decided to do a small video on which "wrestling sweeps" that works best for me in the guard at the moment.

One detail, I forgot to talk about in the video is, that when I go for the armdrag, I don't always try and pull him forward. Sometimes, I just want him to react by pulling his arm back and posturing up, before I move forward for the double leg. Small detail :)

Enjoy the video!

Next instructionals coming up are:

- The art of learning the art of slowrolling
- The loopchoke


Anonymous said...

Loved it!

shakia harris said...

i'm gonna give that a shot in class..i love the double leg, especially because many of the guys don't expect little old me to go for it so it's very gratifying
great site btw.