Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Fireman's Carry instructional

The next video is on the fireman's carry takedown. As I mention in the video, I have known about this for many years, but it wasn't till a few years back, when I finally got the details right, that actually made it work (Thanks, John Kohls!). My training partners rarely underhook me wrong anymore, but if they do, I make sure to hit this takedown on them ;)

Hope you enjoy the video, comments are always appreciated!

Next instructionals coming up are:

- The art of learning the art of slowrolling
- Wrestling sweeps from seated guard
- The loopchoke


Brendan said...

this was great! i'll probably be running an open mat this saturday and it's definitely something that i'd like to work through.

i'd also like to add that i'm glad you joined the forums over at i've been keeping a log there for quite some time now and i'm have to have somebody like yourself join the community.

ushirojime said...

Thank you a lot! I will work on it)

shakakhan said...

great instructional on one of my go to takedowns. Thanks