Monday, January 10, 2011

Deep Butterfly Halfguard instructional

I was browsing through my blog the other day, and it struck me, that it has been a loooong time since I consistently posted instructional videos here. When I was a blue belt, I was a real Ari Bolden (with better technique), eager to put as much material online as possible. All of these old videos and photo series are still to be found in the archive of this blog.

Jiu Jitsu is truly "boxes within boxes". The more I train, the less I feel I know. Whenever I think I know about a technique, position or transition, I quickly find out, that there are ten new layers of details in that particular subject, that I haven't explored yet. This humbling experience have probably influenced me a lot in writing this blog, since I haven't felt like "teaching" anything here for a while.

But with that said, I think it is time to put some new videos online here, so I have filmed a handful of instructionals, which will be posted here one at a time, as I finish editing each of them.

First one I edited yesterday, was about the "Deep Butterfly Halfguard". I am sorry for the "deep halfguard" ripoff, but I haven't found a better name yet. Basically, it is a "low" variation of x-guard, that I have experimented with for at least a year and a half now. I haven't seen much instructional video on this position, so I decided to do one myself.

Hope you enjoy it, comments are always appreciated!

One thing I forgot to mention in the video, which I think is quite important, is that when I do the calfcruncher submission, I want to triangle my legs to stabilize my knee. Unfortunately, I popped my own knee doing this submission once, and triangling the legs would probably have helped me there. I just forgot it in the video :)

Next instructionals coming up are:

- The art of learning the art of slowrolling
- Wrestling sweeps from seated guard
- Fireman's carry takedown
- The loopchoke

Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back after the break ;)


Simco said...

Great video.
Is there a chance in the future when you post the competition and training clips at the end that you could show a clip where it was unsuccessful or challenging and then talk about how the person defended your technique?
Thanks, again!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome, thank you. I've been waiting for ages a more formal explanation of your game, I really liked your matches.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot, I actually started playing this after seeng you do it on this blog, my no1 sweep right now, been looking forwad to the instructional on it.

Dion Mendel said...

Thanks for the video. I use this position as well, though my usual entry is different. Half guard -> Reverse De la Riva -> Deep Butterfly.

One extra point that is very important is to keep your opponent's foot off the ground with your butterfly hook. Keeping his foot off the ground disrupts his base and makes it much harder for him to attack your arm, or to stand.