Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gi chokes reference video

This summer, I have gotten a renewed interested in gi chokes. For many years, I have basically ignored them because I wanted my game to work just as well in no-gi, but at the moment, I am in a period, where I am finding the details of gi training very fascinating.

Gi chokes is one area, where you will find literally thousands of techniques and variations for finishing the opponent. I have boiled my own game down to what I can make work really well in sparring under full resistance. I hope to try it out more in competition in the future, but for now I have only tested them in that arena through my kids team, who have been doing extremely well with gi chokes last season. I recommend scrolling through my archives and checking out some of the videos with them.

Anyways, I shot a quick little video with a reference of which gi chokes I use in my game at the moment. Maybe you can catch a detail or two you can use yourself. In that case, I am always glad to hear about it :)



Shawn Aukstakalnis said...

Awesome video, Love the back chokes just before the 3 minute mark!

Anonymous said...

Nice vid dude. Dig the music as well. Thanks for dedicating so much time documenting your journey through the Gentle Art that I love. You've gained a fan.

- Jose

Paul said...

Loving the Loop Chokes at the end!

Punch Kick Choke said...

Had to share this with my readers:

Excellent job on the video!

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