Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Took some photos of my gym

About 6 months ago, we moved our gym down the hall to a bigger location. Since then, we have been putting a looot of work, time and money into building it up to be the way we want it. Finally, I feel like we are almost there. We would still like to get some mirrors in and a cage wall, but we need to save up some more money before that can be done.

Our (me and my business- and trainingpartner, Carsten) philosophy with the gym has since day one been to try and create the best possible training environment. Obviously, people have a very different opinion on, what that is, but the gym you see in the photos are our perception of a very good physical training environment. Ofcourse, there is also a human-, social- and training/teaching side of "the best environment", which we also put a lot of focus and work into daily.

With a good training environment follows everything else. Attendance, good vibe, serious training, etc., that all leads to performance, be it fitness, weightloss, social aspects, competition results or just sportstraining for the sake of sportstraining. At least that is our philosophy :)

I always try and travel as much as possible to visit gyms around the world, and I am also up for "returning the favor" to the community, so whoever wants to drop by Denmark for some training, feel free to come and knock on our door any day!

Hope you enjoy the photos! (click panoramas for higher resolution)


Fazal said...

Wow, what an amazing looking gym! great work, looks world class, something you and your students will be proud of. Would love to drop in if I ever pass through Denmark.

Scott said...


Rob said...

Very nice!

Elyse said...

Christian, your facility is AMAZING. I really hope I am lucky enough to be able to visit some day.

Junior Familia said...

your gym is soo cool bro.
thanks for sharing.

Meerkatsu said...

OMG what a brill place. Well done and good luck.

AlexanderfromDC said...

Christian, Beautiful space you have there. If I'm ever overseas.I would love to visit and train.

David Webb said...

Wow! That's a fantastic looking gym. Well done guys!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Mind if I ask what type of camera and lense were used?

bathmate said...

Nice work !

cute !