Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Fight Camp" MMA videoblog

I am sorry I have not been posting anything here for a while. I have had some problems with my shoulder for the last four months, but I am slowly getting back on track. Slowly because I keep sparring and training with it, even though I could not lift it over my head for a period :D

We have also been really, really busy with moving our gym to a new location, so I have been working all day every day to get it done. On top of that, training has been crazy, with more classes a week and lots of hours of sparring. I have stepped up the MMA training, so I am bruised, cut and hurting all over my body most of the time. Great feeling :)

Currently, we are working hard on preparing Philip Fortuna, one of our athletes, to get in his first MMA fight. He has been training for six months and here up to the fight, we are doing an 8-week period of really concentrated training and preparation for the fight. We keep a videoblog that we publish every sunday for the eight weeks. Philip is originally from South Africa so he is speaking english in the blog. Almost everybody else is speaking danish, but since the main part is in english, I think most of you should be able to understand it anyways. Don't have good software for subtitles at this moment unfortunately :(

I will post all the videoblogs here, hope you like them!


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