Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Almost like Christmas again!!

Yesterday was the best day of 2009. Not that that should be something spectacular, since only six days of the year had passed by, but it was really a good day.

First of all, I won the Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blog of the Year 2008 contest from Fightworks Podcast!! I actually didn't expect that at all, since I "only" placed 5th last year, so it was really cool to get an email with the result. A big thanks to all you out there who voted for me, I am really honored that people apparently like my little blog and actually are reading it. I mostly do it for my own sake anyways :) Big thanks to the guys from the Fightworks Podcast for doing an awesome show and I can't wait to receive the prizes that look really sweet. I will definitely do a review on the video and book I have won and post it here.

Secondly, later in the day, we finally closed the deal for expansion of our gym! We have been working really hard over the last 3 years to expand our gym since we have really outgrown our current facilities, and finally it happened so it was a HUGE relief. We have started moving today and the new place is gonna be killer. Only 50 meters from our current, and we are gonna have 3 matspaces, a cage, a boxing ring and everything else we have dreamed about for so long.

Third, after two weeks of almost nonstop programming, I launched the new version of my danish martialarts website I have been running the site for seven years now and it is really cool to see it still thrive with 3500-4000 unique visitors a day (that's a lot for a country with 6 million people total).

So all in all, January 6th is a pretty serious candidate for the best day of the year 2009! :D


Jadon Ortlepp said...

Big congrats!. I started following your blog as I saw it was one of the 5 selected. And really took a liking to it. Your layout has some very nice flourishes!. Has inspired me to make my own blog look abit better. I have both the padilla gi and the Ribiero book and both are great!. Looking forward to the review.

Anonymous said...

congratulations!! Sounds like an awesome day you're having - looking forward to you review too

Junior Familia said...

congratz bro
your blog is definately
one of a kind.
keep up the goood work.

Anonymous said...


I've enjoyed your blog throughout last year, found use for a lot of the techniques you've posted, and I look forward to whatever you have in store for next year!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Congrats man!

John said...

great blog and congratulations! keep up the excellent work

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