Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Training in Ronin Athletics - with video :)

So, originally it was my plan to go to New York for nine days and spend all my time on training. When I was in Mexico and only had a few days left, I checked the weather report for New York and made a quick decision to go to Cuba and Jamaica instead. Missed the president election in NY and lot of the training, but the experiences of the extended travel was definitely worth it.

When I got to New York, I really wanted to do some training, since I hadn't done anything but drink and relax for three weeks. Unfortunately, most of the guys were at the NAGA tournament that weekend, so it only ended up being a little training thursday evening and a very good session on sunday.

I heard that brown belt Gunnar Nelson from Iceland - who just fought and won in my last Adrenaline show - was in town for the NAGA tournament (in which he won gold no-gi and silver gi btw), so I called him up and invited him for some training. Despite I - as the only one - had a TERRIBLE hangover, and was seriously out of shape from following the Cancun Conditioning program for a long time, we had a really cool training with lots of nice details shared between us.

As always, training in Ronin feels like coming home, and this time was no exception. I wish I can have some more time there next time I am in town, which - statistically - will happen inevitably around fall next year :)

I shot some video of the training, which you can find here underneath in an uncut version. Also, we shot some tutorial videos, that I will put only within the next week or so. Good stuff worth waiting for!

Hope you enjoy the videos and maybe catch a detail or two from them :)


Elyse said...

Hahahaha Vinh is such a nerd :)

Anonymous said...

who was shooting the video? the commentary is hillarious.

"the two alpha males collide in a dangerous embrace."

"christian is winning. but christian is also losing."

"a true ninja uses his environment."

Christian Graugart said...

It's Søren ;)

Anonymous said...

ah, makes sense now.