Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Armdrag single video

Ok so here is one of the tutorial videos I shot while I was in New York. The armdrag single is my number one takedown and one I have been working a lot on for a long time. I have pulled it off countless times and many people have asked me to do a tutorial on it, so here we go.

Really it is a pretty simple move, the key is all in the little details, which I have tried to explain as good as possible in the video. I also added some - more or less successful - examples from sparring and competition in the end. Speed and explosiveness is needed for this move, just like most other wrestling, but with some practice I think anyone can pull it off.

I hope you like the video, feel free to leave a comment so I know that someone is actually watching it :) Thanks to Gunni Nelson for the help as dummy!

More video tutorials to come soon!


Anonymous said...

IS NICE! Very good instruction. It makes me want to work on this a bit. Thanks!

Greetings from Mjölnir!

Anonymous said...

if you add &fmt=18 to the end of the youtube video address. the video will appear in high quailty.


Anonymous said...

Great! Thank you, I've been trying to work this into my game for some time and you gave several key details.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Christian! Looking forward to your other posts

Anonymous said...

Just like everyone else, I liked your breakdown. Just like you I've tried to reverse engineer it by watching Marcelo Garcia...

Mostly I've been using the inside (hooking) leg to block his far instep. For example, if I'm armdragging his right arm, then the bottom of my right foot blocks the front of his left instep.

I'll try it your way too, and see which works best for me.

Stephan Kesting

Anonymous said...

I pulled this off in class last night. I like the fact that you demonstrated the technique and then let us see how worked in competition.

When I did it, I heard a lot of oohs and ahhs:)

Alessio said...

very nice.. not just the instructional but also the application in a tournament!

Saluti from Italy!

bill mccann said...

i liked the technigue, will need to drill it to own it, i ilke to hand fight and arm drag so perfect for me - you taught a greco class in dublin 2 years ago - can you post some greco - u taught us a spiral ride

Christian Graugart said...

Sorry man you must misplace me with someone else, I have never been to Dublin :)

Unknown said...

Nice takedown, very thorough instruction. Great website and keep up the good work spreading the bjj fever!!! Greetings from California =)

jaguar tang said...

4 years still doing this technique haha!!!

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