Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Training with the gi again

For four months, I have trained no-gi only. Both because of the summer heat, but also because we have had some MMA and Submission Wrestling tournaments coming up, so we have planned the training for those of our athletes that has been competing there.

This week we started training with the gi again. I almost forgot how HOT it is to train with, but I know it is only a matter of getting used to it. Other than that, I have had some really cool experiences with it. It has been awesome to rediscover all the little details of the gi-game and I have tried to focus on really using the cloth when rolling. My competition A-game is still in my reflexes, but I have managed to pull off quite a few gi sweeps and submissions. I also met another old friend of gi-training... finger injuries, yaaay! :) Friday, saturday and sunday classes will still be no-gi, and I am looking forward to do both.

We just got three big tractor tires for the gym, and I was using them for my tuesday workout yesterday. Awesome training. Workout of tomorrow is me and a few of the guys from the gym are meeting up for a Sean Sherk-style session at noon (without the roids though ;)). One hour takedowns and one hour tire-workout. It will probably be raining, so it will be Rocky style training!! My videocam is in the gym since I am working on some new tutorial clips for this blog, so maybe I'll film some of the training tomorrow and put it up here.

Other than that training is going really well and the gym is packed with people. We are signing new members up daily and are definitely in need of more space as soon as possible, although it is not easy to find here. My beginners classes in BJJ and MMA are overcrowded with new talent and enthusiasm. A LOT of these guys are gonna be monsters in a year of two, so I am gonna be busy as coach and also I need to work hard so I am not gonna get my ass kicked in sparring :D

Oh yeah, in 16 days I am going to New York for the fifth year in a row to visit my good friends at the Ronin Athletics gym. Can't wait to hang out and train with all those guys again!

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