Friday, August 8, 2008

First injuries in a long time...

I have had a really good period with no injuries since february and training has been going great in a very high intensity. Then last week, I got three injuries almost at once. My old neck injury came back, I got some small problem with my knee and I have sprained my right thumb badly from one of the guys upkicking it from guard.

I almost forgot how annoying injuries are, but I guess it is the price I am paying for the life I am living :) I am getting some good treatment and hope to be back on track as soon as possible. I need to be able to train because I am promoting my next big MMA event, Adrenaline 3 in one month, and there are many guys from our gym who are fighting and could use me as sparring partner. For now, I am sticking to coaching them and organizing their training, drills, gameplans and so on.

Lately, I have also been working hard on relaunching my gyms website. So far, it has been updated with some videoclips from each of our classes, but I am currently working on shooting a lot of new photos and giving it a structural and design update. Here are some a clips we have produced from my BJJ and MMA classes:

To watch the rest of them, visit

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