Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Great training with Rey

The last two days, I have been training with Rey Diogo as he visited my gym in Copenhagen. Monday he did a seminar for about 35 of our students and tuesday, I took a private lesson with him. I had planned to train for a few hours with him tuesday, but the weather was very hot so we only lasted one.

I got a lot of good little details out of training with Rey. I like his simple approach to Jiu Jitsu with focus on the basics. That's the same foundation I am trying to build my own game around (with just a liiiittle fancy stuff on the top :D).

After the seminar, Rey promoted five of our guys to blue belt. Two of them are of "the new generation" in the gym and the other three has been around for many years. He also authorized me to give out some blue belts myself in the gym, since we don't get visits from black belts that often. Giving out my first blue belt would be a very big thing for me, so we'll see when or if I will use the opportunity.

I will definately go visit Rey again in L.A., maybe even later this year when I am planning a short trip to New York and Mexico. He is in Sweden every year, so we will try and get him down here every time since it is really close by.

Now I will head to the gym for more training! :)

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