Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm still alive :)

Yes yes, I know I have been lazy regarding updating the blog lately, but don't worry, I have not been lazy with my training ;-) I have some new posts in mind that I plan on writing down here soon, also with some new video clips. I need to get me a new videocamera so I can actually make them though, but I'll figure something out.

Training is going really good, I have doubled the hours I teach every week and it is as always cool to see people in the gym get better. I also get some good hours of sparring every month to keep the rhythm going and I have started to plan my weeks a little better so I am sure I have time for weight lifting and sparring in between all the teaching. I am still doing some web- and graphical design on the side, but it is hard to find time for, so sometime in 2008 I hope to be working solely on trainingrelated things.

If you take a look at my 1000 flighthours project, you might notice that I am closing in on the 900 mark. That took a while, but it is cool to get there, and it will be a good time to evaluate my training and progress a little. I plan on shooting a new sparring video when I get there.

I recently launched a new amateur MMA and Muay Thai turnament held in my gym called CSA Fight Night. I make it to give the beginners and upcoming talents a chance to get some fight experience before they take the big step and fight in a bigger show. The first one was a big success and the second one is already gonna be February 1st. Check out the video from the first one: (notice the handsome referee!!)

My biggest project is the Adrenaline show, which will return April 12th. I'll post some more about that as the event and fightcard starts to evolve.

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