Monday, April 16, 2007

Awesome weekend

So, Rigan was here this weekend and did a seminar in my gym. It was really good, I caught some good details and I really liked his approach to Jiu Jitsu. I took a private with him today to steal some of his topgame secrets and he also showed me some good tips on escaping from bottom. I got a chance to roll with him a little and as expected, he completely CRUSHED me, I couldn't move an inch. Pretty cool experience, kind of brings back the "magic"... the feeling that some people are just so good at this stuff and that there is still sooo much to learn. Great inspiration.

We trained almost five hours both saturday and sunday so I am really tired now, but I still have a long day of training in front of me tonight... another five hours to be exact :)

Rigan just left for a few days for Amsterdam and then he will go to Sweden for a seminar there, before going home to California.


Anonymous said...

Nice, Rigan is a legend. Did he show you any upside-down guard stuff? I heard that he invented that game. I took a class with JJ Machado once, and he's an excellent teacher, too.

Nicolas said...

Christian have been VERY busy with the Adrenaline 1 event, so that's probably why he haven't posted in a long time.